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Power Distribution List

200 Series

Wall Mount Enclosure


Wall Mount Series combines versatility, flexibility and efficiency, making it ideal for the
practical accommodation of your network technology and electronic components.
Our AC Fan Unit is designed in such a way that it is easily removable for maintenance. It also comes with security feature which allows inside-out installation.
Visual & Protection
Perspex (Standard) or tempered glass material choice is utilized for front visual & protection of the wall mount enclosure.
Our wall mount enclosure comes with side panel which provides good external accessibility and safety inside-out installation
6RU, 8RU, IORU. 12RU, 151 RU
6 Way Power Distribution Panel
Wall Mount Option 6 Way Power Distribution UnitWall Mount bracket
Colour Options: Black & Monotone Grey
Front Mount Tray (1 RU)
Side Cover with Snap-Lock Option
2 Way AC Fan
Round Cylinder Lock (50C combinations)
For Racks w/Minimal Security needs
Profile Cylinder Lock (1 million combinations)
For Racks with High Security needs
Space Saving
3 Years Waranty
Order Code
6RU 600mm 500mm CM 0650WM 600mm CM 0660WM 372mm
8RU 600mm 500mm CM 0850WM 600mm CM 0860WM 461mm
10 RU 600mm 500mm CM 1050WM 600mm CM 1060WM 550mm
12 RU 600mm 500mm CM 1250WM 600mm CM 1260WM 639mm
15 RU 600mm 500mm CM 1550WM 600mm CM 1560WM 772mm

Cybermax Wall-Mounted Data Cabinets: Maximising Space and Efficiency

Space-saving solutions for your IT infrastructure are more critical than ever. Cybermax, a trusted name in the industry, offers innovative wall-mounted data cabinets that are designed to enhance your IT setup. Whether you require a versatile wall-mounted cabinet in Singapore, a 4-post rack mount kit, or a 2-post rack solution, Cybermax has the ideal solution to meet your needs.

  1. Space Optimisation with Wall-Mounted Data Cabinets

Limited floor space is a common challenge faced by many businesses, and this is where wall-mounted data cabinets truly shine. Cybermax’s wall-mounted data cabinets in Singapore are perfect for those looking to maximise their available space while maintaining the integrity of their IT infrastructure. By mounting your equipment on the wall, you free up valuable floor space for other essential operations.

  1. Wall-Mounted Cabinet Singapore

Cybermax offers top-of-the-line wall-mounted cabinets in Singapore, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses and organisations in the region. Our cabinets are designed with the modern IT environment in mind, providing a secure and efficient solution to house your sensitive IT equipment.

  1. 4-Post Rack Mount Kit

For businesses looking to create a comprehensive IT setup with multiple components, our 4-post rack mount kit is the perfect complement to your wall-mounted data cabinet in Singapore. These kits provide sturdy and reliable support for your equipment, ensuring it remains secure and easily accessible. Cybermax’s 4-post rack mount kits are designed to seamlessly integrate with our wall-mounted cabinets, providing a complete solution for your IT needs.

  1. Versatile 2-Post Rack Solutions

Cybermax also offers versatile 2-post rack solutions, providing an excellent alternative for businesses with specific equipment requirements. These racks are designed to accommodate various IT equipment and are ideal for businesses that value simplicity and accessibility. Our 2-post racks are adaptable and can be customised to fit your unique IT setup.

  1. Secure and Organised IT Setup

Maintaining a secure and organised IT setup is crucial for the smooth operation of your business. Cybermax’s wall-mounted data cabinets are built with security in mind, featuring robust locks and cable management options to ensure your equipment remains safe and organised. This attention to detail minimises downtime, streamlines maintenance, and optimises your IT infrastructure’s efficiency.

  1. Easy Accessibility

Accessibility to your IT equipment is a key factor in efficient operations. With our wall-mounted cabinets and compatible 4-post rack mount kits, your equipment is within easy reach. This convenience simplifies maintenance tasks, upgrades, and troubleshooting, ultimately reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

  1. Adaptable Configurations

Cybermax understands that each IT setup is unique. That’s why we offer customisable configurations to suit your specific needs. Our wall-mounted data cabinets can be tailored with various accessories and options, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is designed to perform optimally.

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