Power Distribution Unit

Power Distribution Unit

Cybermax line of PDUs range from basic and metered for simple, reliable and cost-effective power distribution, to a full line of intelligent PDUs that deliver real time power information with varying degrees of intelligent functionality for valuable troubleshooting, control and monitoring of power usage, capacity and environmental conditions.

Basic PDU: Basic PDUs offer a lower-cost alternative for everyday, reliable power distribution when advanced features are not required. They come in different socket type and combination Available Socket type: UK 13A/15A , IEC 10A/16A
Available Colour option: Black

Intelligent PDU: Cybermax line of PowerMax Intelligent PDUs are ideal for reducing energy costs,managing and optimizing power capacity and identifying and preventing potential problems to ensure uptime and improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).
PowerMax Intelligent PDUs identify high and erratic power consumption, underutilized equipment and overcooling situations to save operating costs, while collecting information on actual usage, true power needs and capacity to make informed decisions regarding equipment density, consolidation, and moves, adds and changes. They reduce downtime via real-time monitoring of environmental conditions at the cabinet level via sensor ports and potential problems such as overloads. Smart, Switched and Managed PDUs enable individual outlet control for remotely restarting or shutting down specific equipment.

Metered PDU: Monitored PDUs enable remote monitoring at an aggregate, device-level, via an Ethernet port, generating a smaller quantity of information to simplify management.

• Built-in display for local use
• Device level monitoring
• Remote monitoring via Ethernet port
• Environmental sensor ports
• IP address sharing
• Log trends and historical data
• User defined alarms