300 Series

Open Frame Rack


The CyberMax open Frame Series is versatile for any application. Customized to your specifications, the Cymax 300 OF is designed to meet your cabling application needs.


Height Option            Standard

Power Distribution Panel Options            Standard
6 way power distribution panel

Cable rings                          Vertical wire management kits
Cable Rings Cover             Better perspective & protection for wire management

Mobile Base Frame             Free mobility
(w/Castor Wheels & Adjustable Feet Callon)
Front Mount Tray (3RU, 6RU)                             Front & back mounting
Edge Protector Option                                        High grade cable entry
Cable management Tray(with cover)             Horizontal cable routing (IRU, 2RU)
Open Cable Management Tray                        Horizontal cable routing without cover

CONCEALMENT - The optional Cable Ring Cover Kits offer a better external perspective with an additional layer of protection on the post.

ACCESS - Our Open Frame allows cable accessibility from the top. High grade Edge Protection Option is also available for cable entry protection.

SUPPORT - The Open Frame is supported by rigid base supports which allow mounting facility securing it firmly on the mounting ground.

CABLE RING - Accessories to manage cascading cabling installation