About Us

The Cybermax Tale

Our passion for racks started in 1999 when we realized that many organizations were facing a space crunch, having to house numerous numbers of sensitive equipment within the confines of a small area. So our team of engineers went to work on how we could effectively maximize space to ensure that there’s a place for everything and that everything is in its place.
The first concern was to design compact, self-serving enclosures. The second was to ensure that sensitive equipment can be safeguarded. The third was to ensure that the enclosures are aesthetically pleasing. The result is the Cybermax Manufacturing designed and manufactured with the client’s needs in mind – space saving, good looking, all-contained-within-one enclosure.

Unique Product Development

Every Rack starts with a good design. Our wealth of experience lies in the design and manufacture of rack cabinets and enclosure Wall Mounted Cabinets, Open Frame Racks, LAN Workstations, Consoles, Standard Rack Mount Cabinets to our latest – the world’s first SOHO – Small Office, Home Office Enclosure.

The Vital Suport

For any successful implementation to take place, vital support in both pre and post sales activities is crucial in cementing customer satisfaction. Cybermax’s customers can rest assured that they’ll enjoy peace of mind with Cybermax Manufacturing designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of any organization, consuming minimal space through its ergonomic design and excellent spatial management, making them the preferred choice.

Your Solutions Provider

We can also meet your needs and specifications for customized cabinets and enclosures. Reputed for our uncompromising standards and quality, our Enclosures find application in almost every sector of industry from Telecommunications, Computer Networking, Logistics, Defence to Media Broadcast Corporations.
Data Clean Asia acquired a company called Cybermax that sells racks for data equipment. Cybermax’s products complement with Data Clean Asia because Data Clean Asia offers cleaning services to Data Centers. Hence, the target audience for these 2 companies are the same. Only problem is China supplier can offer cheaper racks but the winning point for Cybermax is customers can fully customise their racks in SG.

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